Writer’s Coaching

All of the following can be organized in person at the client’s location, or online.

Coaching groups

A coaching group is a great way to begin building a sustainable writing habit and get over procrastination. The group supports progress and steady writing. Coaching groups are suitable for all kinds of writers in a university or other setting. The appropriate size is 6-8 participants. Coaching groups focus on writing goals and process, not on specific types of texts or content. Individuals working on different topics and writing in different languages can form a group, because texts are not shared. The groups can also be tailored for co-authors working together on the same text.


Workshops enable writers to get a boost for creating a writing habit, build a stronger process and get unblocked. Workshops are usually 4-6 hours long when taking place on a single day, and can also be organized as a series of events.


In full length courses, a deeper understanding of writing as a process is created, and the course supports creating a writing habit and a comprehensive, healthy approach to writing. Courses can be tailored according to the client organization’s needs and resources.


Do you have an audience of writers who need an uplift in their motivation? A group of professionals who are juggling various writing projects or who supervise writers? I give talks to various audiences on topics broadly related to writing process, prioritization, and habit creation.

Personal coaching

Personal coaching is particularly suitable for individuals who may not be able to participate in group support (e.g., because of their schedule, high professional visibility or status). In personal coaching it is possible to go deeper into the writer’s practical situation, thinking and feelings related to writing. Individual coaching sessions are 60 or 90 minutes long. They typically include discussion and exercises fostering creativity, clarity, planning, prioritizing, or getting unblocked. I treat all aspects of individual coaching with discretion and confidentiality, including the identity of my clients.