Finding Joy in Academic Writing

I teach and coach academic writers on diverse topics. My training called ‘Finding Joy and Productivity in Academic Writing’ is by far the most popular.

It began as a full semester course I developed at Aalto University School of Business about 10 years ago. Nowadays I tailor it in diverse lengths, including single lectures and workshops.

Regardless of the length, the core idea is always the same. The ‘Joy Course’ aims at expanding your understanding about academic writing so that it becomes a more manageable – and enjoyable – part of academic work.

The course is based on the underlying idea that no matter what you write, it is worthwhile to master the process.

The course is helpful for anyone who struggles with the practical aspects of writing, not so much the quality of their texts. Typical issues covered are: finding time for writing, planning long and demanding projects, getting unblocked, overcoming procrastination, uncomfortable feelings and thoughts related to academic writing (such as anxiety, fear, perfectionism).

While this is a different type of writing course in that the focus is not on features of academic texts or publishing, understanding the process and dealing with emotional issues will enable participants to produce better texts too.