Who benefits from psychological process-based writing coaching?

You are an experienced writer. You know how to write, and you may already have published, or written for many years for professional purposes or as a hobby.

Yet, you have some issue with your writing: something that isn’t working, or something you wish to improve. Your issue is perceptual or practical, for example, being stuck, feeling unreasonably anxious about your writing, having a particular project that you find challenging, or not finding time for writing because of other commitments.

You may also be facing a new situation. For example, you have been writing for professional purposes but now want to write a book or an academic dissertation. Or you have been writing by yourself but now need to write with others or vice versa.

Alternatively, you are not a writer, but an experienced professional in your field. You have a writing project, something you need to or wish to write. You may wonder how to approach the task, how to begin, plan, build a sustainable writing habit, and eventually finish your project.

In sum, my clients are writers or other professionals dealing with writing. For example:

  • Academic writers, such as PhD students, supervisors or professors in any field
  • Writers who supervise or assist other writers (for instance, professors or editors)
  • Creative writers in different genres: novelists, screenwriters, poets, essayists
  • Lawyers, scientific experts outside the academia, medical doctors, artists
  • Experienced writers who want to try a new genre (e.g., journalists writing a book, lawyers writing fiction)
  • Professionals who need to write (e.g., artists writing grant proposals, athletes writing memoirs)